Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meme Theme for GO Launcher EX

Meme Theme for GO Launcher EX

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Meme Theme XL for GO Launcher EX is the best meme theme in Android Market/Google Play at the moment! 9gag users will love this it is fun and simple. It will make your phone look crazy cool! Show it to your friends they said, it will be fun they said!


- Unique meme theme for those who love internet memes
- Many memes icons (bi*** please, angry face, troll face, rage face, are you kidding me, poker face and much, much more)
- There are several meme HD wallpapers and pictures, backgrounds built in that you can choose and more coming in the future.

How to install:

1. Search for the latest version of GO Launcher EX and download it. (It is free) When you have downloaded it install GO launcher Ex.

2. Download and install Meme Theme XL.

3. Open GO launcher EX, Press MENU -> Themes -> Meme Theme XL -> apply.

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